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Protect Your Digital ACH Payments

Manage credit and debit payment risk with Nivelo’s real time and adaptive threat detection technology.

Designed to Protect Digital Payments

Avoid payment fraud and cyber threats
Eliminate time-consuming reconciliations
Avoid fees and penalties from ACH returns
Reduce balance sheet risk for fronted payments (NSF)
Enable faster processing of transactions
Increase the speed of funds availability

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How Nivelo Works

Transaction Initiated

Details of receiver account to be credited or debited inputted into client’s web or mobile application.


Transaction Transmitted for Validation

Nivelo receives transactions API call for near instantaneous review.


Transaction Scored for Risk

Nivelo leverages fast performing machine learning techniques to identify likelihood transaction is at threat from cybercriminal threats and processing errors.


Transaction Validated

Non-risky transactions are processed straight-through for immediate settlement and risky transactions are submitted for further review


Tens of thousands of employers and millions of employees rely on us to deliver payroll and HR services.

With Nivelo, business owners, employees, financial institutions and agencies gain peace of mind that money is flowing to the right places.

Geoffrey Duke

President and CEO, MPAY

$ curl https://api.nivelo.io/scorer \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <your-api-key>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{... ACH data as json ...}'


"score": 88.61,
"prediction": "ACH return"

How Nivelo Integrates

Easily add ACH scoring where you need it

Implement our RESTful API with just a few lines of code and refine it in a complete test environment.

We refine our model based on your historical data to provide the most accurate threat and return detection.

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Learn how Nivelo can accelerate and secure your ACH payments

Eliminate friction from account takeover, BEC, synthetic identity fraud, admin errors and funding risks. Ensure everyone is paid on time, every time.

Fraudulent transactions are identified accurately

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