Instant Payroll. Zero Risk

Optimize employer cash flow and get workers paid faster without risk. Secure your existing payroll network with Nivelo.

SOC 2 Type 2
NACHA Data Security
Insured and

Designed to Protect Digital Payments

Avoid payment fraud and cyber threats

Proactive notification of suspicious activity before it happens

Eliminate time-consuming reconciliations

Fewer payment failures means less paperwork for your ops team

Enable faster processing of transactions

Unlock faster payment rails with added risk management

Avoid fees and penalties from ACH returns

Stay compliant with NACHA standards and in good standing with your bank

Eliminate funding risk for fronted payments (NSF)

Guaranteed collections without overdraft headaches

Increase the speed of funds availability

Safer, faster payments means a better client experience

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Managing risk real time

How Nivelo works


Exposure Scan

Begin your journey with our Exposure Scan to unearth payment risk for faster, safer payments

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Scorer Engine

Manage payment risk with Scorer Enging, our real-time and adaptive thread detection technology

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Transaction Initiated

Initiate Instant Debits to reduce 100% of NSFs. Boost sales from added prospects and reduced attrition

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Keeping ACH Payments Safe

For businesses like yours

Payment Risk Processed
Reduction in Payroll Fraud
API Uptime Availability
Impounds Returns Prevented

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Proven Impact

Tens of thousands of employers and millions of employees rely on us to deliver payroll and HR services. With Nivelo, business owners, employees, financial institutions and agencies gain peace of mind that money is flowing to the right places.

Geoffrey Duke
President and CEO, MPAY

As the owner of a small payroll company, ACH risk keeps me up at night. Nivelo’s technology allows us to pursue larger clients and give our existing clients a better payroll experience – all while lowering our internal risk. I can’t believe I ever ran payroll without them!

John Mason-Smith
Founder of Astra Payroll Services (Licensee of Asure Software)

How Nivelo Integrates

Easily add ACH scoring where you need it

Implement our RESTful API with just a few lines of code and refine it in a complete test environment.

We refine our model based on your historical data to provide the most accurate threat and return detection.

$ curl \
   -X POST \
   -H "Authorization: Bearer <your-api-key>" \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -d '{... ACH data as json ...}'

 "score": 88.61,
 "prediction": "ACH return"
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Learn how Nivelo can accelerate and secure your critical ACH payments

Eliminate friction from account takeover, BEC, synthetic identity fraud, admin errors and funding risks. Ensure everyone is paid on time, every time.

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