Scorer Engine

Manage digital ACH credit and debit payment risk with Nivelo’s real time and adaptive threat detection technology.

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Designed to Protect Digital Payments

Avoid payment fraud and Cyber Threats

Real-time risk alerts notifying you when a transaction carries a heightened risk of failure

Shrink fees and penalties from ACH Returns

Prevent payment failures before they happen by identifying transaction risk ahead of origination

Reduce balance sheet risk for fronted payments

Send transactions with low credit-risk straight through with added confidence

Increase the speed of funds availability

Hyper-boost transactions reviewed as safe for speedier or same day delivery

Scorer Engine Features

Execute successful transactions with confidence

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Embeded Scoring

Designed API-first to integrate into your Payment origination system within hours or leverage our NACHA file uploader.

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Explainable Output

Each transaction flagged for further review has a clear explanation and action based on NSF, admin or risk of fraud.

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24/7 Risk Detection

Ongoing account information and payment detail verification for added protection on each executed transaction.

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Automated Workflows

Triage risky transactions with self service workflows automated across HR admins and Employees.

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Custom Rules + Alerts

Control how and when you are notified of risky transactions. Customize Email and SMS alerts to alert HR admins and Employees directly.

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NACHA Information Security Compliant

Account numbers and other personally identifiable information are obfuscated on our UI, encrypted and never leave our infrastructure.

See how Nivelo’s Scorer Engine is helping institutions like yours

Bill Pay

Reduce risk of NSF failure when collecting funds with real time verification on each transaction.

Direct Deposit

Ensure active employees are paid on time, without failure every pay cycle.

How the Scorer Engine Works


Initiate Transaction

Send payment details of the credit or debit transaction from your web and mobile application to Nivelo’s Scorer Enging prior to payment origination.


Transaction Verified

Nivelo receives transaction API call for near instantaneous review.


Real-Time Risk Review

Nivelo leverages fast performing machine learning tecnique leverages thousands of signals to identify likelihood transaction is at thread from cybercriminal threats and processing errors.


Targeted verification, minimal friction

Non-risky transactions are sent straight-through for immediate settlement. Risky transactions 
have clear explanation of risk signals and recommended steps to triage, making it easier to authenticate only what you need to.


Execute with Confidence

Once reviewed, the transaction is ready to be executed. You’ll share automated feedback on the outcome of the payment, which helps Nivelo’s Scorer Engine continually provide optimal results.

Proven Impact

Nivelo's Scorer Engine has prevented employer debit failures; reducing our exposure risk. The tool has also prevented multiple fraudulent employee direct deposit updates by flagging the updated account number for review

Kelsey Anker
COO, Payentry

Begin protecting your payments today

The Nivelo Scorer Engine is available to institutions based in the US that have at least 6 months of ACH transaction data. Currently we are focused exclusively on Payroll, but will be expanding to other use cases soon.

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