Nivelo unleashes fast and safe money movement

The world is rapidly shifting to a digital economy. We started Nivelo to provide the missing risk infrastructure that ensures everyone has secure access to this economy in a fast and reliable way.


Nivelo enables open banking

The financial world is opening and more companies than ever are offering digital payment solutions. Yet the playing field isn’t level when it comes to risk information access, which leads to fraud and abuse plaguing the payment infrastructure. We believe in equalizing this asymmetry. We see a world where risk and fraud information isn’t siloed, where facilitating the sharing of data doesn’t mean sacrificing privacy and where data access is democratized.

Your digital payments, faster

Everyone deserves a frictionless digital experiences where earned funds are available immediately. Real-time payments are becoming table stakes. While many solutions now exist such as digital wallets, same-day ACH, and RTP, the exposure to fraud and losses is also amplified. However, this burden and additional cost is avoidable.

The promise of digital banking and faster payments can be fulfilled. We at Nivelo believe that modern technologies and solutions can prevent the abuses and operational errors that obstruct faster transaction execution.

Cybercrime protection for all

Users of the digital economy deserve a secure experience. Cyber-criminals make this process harder by muddling the ability of payment companies to recognize legitimate users from bad actor attacks.

Nivelo stands for security, employing risk infrastructure that monitors and prevents cyber-crime without sacrificing access to the good guys. We power cyber-defenses with adaptive technology to stop increasingly sophisticated cyber-crime techniques.

At Nivelo, we believe that

Transparency, Access & Security

Go hand in hand with digital economy


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