Exposure Scan

Uncover payment risk, discover payroll opportunities. Start by generating the most accurate, service bureau risk assessment in 48 hours

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Exposure Scan Use Cases

Increase bank exposure limits

Export the Exposure Scan as a Risk Assessment to share with a bank partner

Save time

Leverage tangible cost saving recommendations to save

Comply with NACHA rules

Prevent failures and maintain an excellent client experience across all payment offerings

Mitigate Risk

Introduce custom business rules to monitor for credit or fraudulent activity

Just how easy is it?

Align on Goals

Whether you’re looking to mitigate payment risks, save time triaging payments, increase bank exposure limits or complywith NACHA rules, we’re here to help. Aligning on priorities allows our team of experts to curate results that can provide maximum impact for your business.

Secure Data Upload

Share historical transaction information spanning at least 6 months including successful payments and payment failures such as Bank returns data in a few clicks. Learn about how we protect your data with enterprise-grade security here.

Access Recommendations

You’ll be provided with a detailed report highlighting risk within your portfolio, cost savings opportunities, personalized recommendations and tools to better manage risk and unleash faster payments.

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Sample Report Scan Components

Discover how much Nivelo can save you today

The Nivelo Exposure Scan is available to institutions based in the US that have at least 6 months of ACH transaction data. Currently we are focused exclusively on Payroll, but will be expanding to other use cases soon.

LIMITED JULY 2021 DIscount available
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