Instant Payroll

Nivelo allows payroll companies of any size to receive instant debits from their employers in seconds without wires, eliminating NSF risk and boosting revenue

    Collect payrolls from employers in seconds

    Just how easy is it?

    Quick Implementation

    It’s easy to get started with Instant Debits. Simply create a Nivelo account and open a wallet to receive funds. Next, select employers that you’d like to offer the service to. Instant Debit is a compatible with your payroll software platform. API integrations available. Get paired with a dedicated banking team specific to your ecosystem.

    Easy Employer Sign-Up

    Once employers receive an invite, they’ll create an account and sign up into the Nivelo site, a process that takes less than 3 minutes. Nivelo uses bank-grade security and encryption, so all data will be secured. Employers will have access to a dedicated private banking team specific to your ecosystem.

    100% Certain Debits

    Receive payroll funding from employers. Access real time reporting with funds sight verification. Funds FDIC Insured.

    Sign up to the Nivelo Dashboard
    Verify your account
    Add/search/select employer
    Receive employer payroll funding

    Ready to learn more?

    The Nivelo Instant Debit product will initially be offered to select businesses in the US based on factors that include payment volume and history of NSFs. As we grow our program, this set will expand. Eventually, we hope to offer the service to virtually every payroll processor and employer in the U.S.

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