Instant Payroll Funding.

Improve your cash flow with instant and flexible payroll funding. Access funding only when needed.


Fast funding

You’ll see a pre-approved amount in your Cash Management Portal. If you accept, you'll receive the funds same-day when requested.

Flexible line of credit

Draw down when you need it for a few days or a few weeks. Choose the schedule that fits your business.

Zero paperwork

No hard credit checks, no trips to the bank. Simply fill out a short 2 min form and our team will process your application in 24 hours.  

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How long does it take for funds to arrive?

Upload your payroll summary and request the financing required. Receive your funding within hours of accepting an offer.

How do I apply?

Eligibility is limited to select employers and requires a payroll history with your provider. If you aren't eligible today you might become eligible in the future. We are continuously re-evaluating which employers qualify for the program.

What are the terms of the repayment?

The funds must be used to fund payroll. You can use it to expand existing roles, bring on new people, or pay your current W2 or 1099 workers.

Repayment is flexible and can be extended up to 28 days after funding date.

What is the fee for the platform?

Nivelo does not charge any additional fees for use of our platform. We only charge a fee for the transaction that is funded. You will be able to accept the fee before funds are delivered. The total repayment of your loan is the principal requested, an interest rate and an issuance fee. The interest rate begin as low as 1.5% and the issuance fee is $100 per loan requested.

Can I use Nivelo outside of the US?

No, Nivelo is a service offered to U.S. companies only. You must have a bank account domiciled in the US as well. You can check your eligibility in the Cash Management Portal. Simply log in to the Merchant Portal, navigate to the "Get Funds" and check your pre-approved offer amount there.

Is Nivelo secure?

Yes! Nivelo is a business financing provider focused on supporting small businesses. Your Payroll Provider has partnered with Nivelo to offer funding to their employers. Security is our top priority as a payment system. Please visit our security page for more information.

Are there payment limits?

Your funding limit will be confirmed after you're approved for the service. You can only submit funding requests up to your available limit.

Does applying to Nivelo affect my credit score?

No, Nivelo funding is based on your payroll account history and applying for a Nivelo loan doesn’t affect your credit score.

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